Lenovo ThinkServer TD230

Interesting little SMB server.
It claims to be really power efficient, I haven't had my Kill-a-Watt on it yet.  It is super quiet!  A nice feature to have for those who don't have dedicated server rooms.

This one has an Intel Xeon E5620 2.4ghz quad core.  16gb DDR3 ECC ram (four 4gb modules), expandable to 32gb if one adds in a 2nd processor.  It has two banks of four memory slots (eight total), however in order to use the 2nd set of four memory banks, the 2nd processor must be installed.  I also think I tried 8gb memory modules and it didn't like them.  ThinkServer 9240-8i Lsi RAID Adapter

ThinkServer Remote Management Module v3 (Out Of Band management, like HP's ILO or Dell's DRAC)

Four hot swap drive trays/bays that are accessed from the side.  Why the side?  Why are the sleds hiding behind a trap door.  


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