Western Digital DX4000 NAS

A pretty interesting little box, it is a four bay SATA NAS box, powered by an Intel Core 2 Atom 1.8ghz processor and 2gb of ram.  The OS is Windows 2008 R2 Storage Server Essentials.  We discovered that it runs better with more ram (duh!).  This machine comes with a single 2gb DDR2  DDR3 sodimm module; I replaced it with a 4gb module, unfortunately it has been reported by others that it will not see 8gb.  :S  BTW, there was no stickers or any other "Warranty Void if Seal Broken" items disturbed by removing the cover!
Here is a good review of the appliance.

Another interesting point is that this particular one is the 16tb raw model, it comes preconfigured for RAID5, aka 12tb usable.  The drives used are HGST, which is actually a Hitachi drive.  Hitachi was absorbed by Western Digital not that long ago.

Pay to use SAS on a new server?!?! WTF HP?

HP Proliant G8 servers, the "entry level" ones have a fully functioning RAID card, but if one wants to use SAS drives, one must purchase a $100 license key. 

In addition to needing a license key for the ability to use SAS drives on the RAID card.  If one wants redundant power supplies, there is a different “cage” and a yet another license key required to make it work.
What a bunch of cr@p!   Looks like another way HP wants to squeeze more money out of us.