VMware Partner EXchange 2012

Feb. 2012 over 4300 people gathered in Las Vegas a week of all things Vmware.  This picture is of the temporary lab set up for the event.

Android phones & Exchange 2010

During an Exchange 2010 upgrade, I ran across some phones that would not work.  After much gnashing of teeth & pulling of hair it turns out that certain accounts (usually those w/ Domain Admin. privileges) located in the default Users OU had this check box pertaining to inheritable permissions unchecked, and one could not check that box while they existed in that OU.  The solution was to move those users to a different OU, and tick this check box.

Barracuda Backup 390 Appliance

A pretty slick 1U appliance.  Barracuda does good job of simplifying backing up an enterprise.  Unfortuantly when making things simple, it often times becomes hard to get certain jobs done.  One of the issues we had was deselecting certain files/folders from being backed up, AND having a filter also excluding some of those same files creates really long error logs.  Another thing that I find annoying, is that when one is manipulating a job, such as excluding a folder it takes a long time for the UI to bring up the folder/file list, because the information is being read from the client, up to Barracuda's main servers, then back down to your webpage; even if you are in the same room!

It has a pair of SATA drives in it; it does dedupe & compression.  There is an option to replicate jobs to "the cloud", which is really just Barracuda's main site.  In this case the client has 400gb max. cloud storage; so only their crucial stuff gets replicated.

Another Day at the Office

Stagging three HP G7's running ESXi v5.0.0 (installed on 16gb SD cards), two Juniper EX-4200's ethernet switches, and a NetApp SAN.