Upgrading VMware Tools without rebooting

Whenever one upgrades VMware ESXi, the drivers and tools that the guest VM's use should also be upgraded.  It isn't necessary, but is recommended.

Upgrading them can be a pain; generally there is two options.....Right click on the
VM-->Guest-->Install/Upgrade VMware Tools.  The first option is "Interactive Tools Upgrade"...what this does is mount an ISO to the VM, then one must log into that VM and run the installer from the virtual CD.  Which is fine but time consuming, usually this also requires a reboot.  The Second option is "Automatic Tools Upgrade"...which is all automated but it will restart the VM, which is fine unless the VM needs to stay up.

Advanced Options: this is where one can toss in some parameters.  I am using:
"/s /v/qn ADDLOCAL=ALL REBOOT=ReallySuppress"
The /S means do the install silently, the /v passes the switches to the application MSI. The /qn portion is MSI-speak for no user interface, ADDLOCAL is describing what features to install locally.