Pay to use SAS on a new server?!?! WTF HP?

HP Proliant G8 servers, the "entry level" ones have a fully functioning RAID card, but if one wants to use SAS drives, one must purchase a $100 license key. 

In addition to needing a license key for the ability to use SAS drives on the RAID card.  If one wants redundant power supplies, there is a different “cage” and a yet another license key required to make it work.
What a bunch of cr@p!   Looks like another way HP wants to squeeze more money out of us.

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  1. I just came across this when configuring a pair of hp servers to buy. I will be looking elsewhere. I have been a long time hp server buyer and thought it was bad enough that you needed to buy a license for the semi-functioning ILO. A license for SAS drives and redundant power supplies? WTF alright. I have had good luck with Penguin Computing and super micro servers in the past. Don't what HP is smoking, however they need to do just the opposite of this kind business practice.
    BTW: The search term I used to get here was actually: "hp sas license wtf". Just love uncle google sometimes. :)