VMware 6.0 U1 & NetApp upgrade random thoughts...

One of the downfalls of v6 is that the “Storage Views” tab is gone…..which I used primarily to identify stale VMware snapshots.  The alternative is to use PowerCLI:

OR I found this handy tool:

http://www.robware.net/  Among many other nice things, it does give a nice single pain to view all VM's that have snapshots.

Do you have an email domain with only two letters?  IE bob@AB.com?  If so configuring email alerts is an issue.  Setting the email address with a two letter domain name will error out via the WebClient.  It works fine via the C-Sharp client.

VMware VCenter v5.1 Update 1 will not work with Windows 2012r2; it must be update 3, VMware-VIMSetup-all-5.1.0-2308386.

The web client is light years better than v5.5 or 5.1.  IMHO it still needs work.  Logging on to it takes too long, it still drags, I find myself opening a couple of windows to the same vCenter to get the same info that I would normally get with the thick client.  The Web-Integration piece, is HUGE, the download is something like 100mb, I thought this was supposed to be a lightweight-client?

One of my machines had a problem with the Web-Integration services, it would install, but not register.  Even after installing it, the prompt to install it would show up on the logon page.  The solution was to download a slightly newer version of the client from vmware.com.

If one ever has SRM or any other tabs not showing up, restart the Vmware vCenter Web Service.
I have experienced where many options not showing up using a domain administrator account, but yet the options where all there using administrator@vsphere.local.   Chances are permissions got messed up.  Fortunately I had two sites to do a stare and compare between.

The NetApp Virtual Storage Console, is HORRIBLE!!

-There is no real c-sharp plug in, when one clicks on the plug in the C-sharpe client, it gives a message saying that the webclient must be used.
-SnapMirror jobs cannot be modified if a two character email domain is used.  The work around it to edit an XML file.
-The plug in often fails, and requires a bunch of tinkering to re-register it.  See https://vcenterfqdn/MOB
-SnapMirror backup jobs, there is only three statuses used, failed, successful, or completed with errors.  If one wants to dig deeper consult the email logs.

.....work in progress......

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