Android device doubles as a 2nd monitor

Often I am at a client site with my notebook, wishing I had a second monitor.  Often I also have a tablet with me.  Why couldn't I just use that as a 2nd monitor?  Thus began the search.  I stumbled across one solution called Splashtop.

It is super easy to setup.  Install the Splashtop Xtended Display on the Android device, which can be found in the Google Play Store.  On the notebook/desktop download and install Splashtop Streamer.

The two devices must be on the same subnet; yes the screen data is transmitted across the network, and is encrypted.  The main machine must have an available display port; aka the ability to have a 2nd physical monitor.  For instance one of my desktops has a dual head video card in it, with a monitor on each port, in this case Splashtop will not work, as both monitor outputs are spoken for.  My test mule is a notebook which has the built in LCD panel and a VGA plug for a 2nd monitor.  Splashtop works by spoofing Windows in to thinking there is a monitor plugged in.

On the mobile device, create a new connection, give it a name, and a security code.  On the PC setup an account with Splashtop, create a security code that matches the one on tablet.  At this point the PC starts broadcasting on the network for Splashtop clients.   On the mobile device the PC's should populate in the Splashtop window, simply click on it to start the session. now have two monitors!

For me, every time I use my Transformer TF101 that has a hacked on Android 4.1 OS on it.  The PC logs out, requiring me to re-log in, annoying!   Every time the monitor setup is duplicate displays, not extended like I last left it.  Usually when I switch it from duplicated to extended it doesn't work, I have to disconnect and reconnect it.  Very annoying!  Now the really annoying part: this test mule is a Core2Duo Celeron 2.1ghz machine; which by no means is speedy.  However running this application consumes 25~40% of it's CPU!  Notice task manager in the picture, this machine has nothing running on it; it is a fresh build of Windows 7, not even any anti-malware software is loaded.  The display on the tablet is a bit laggy and not suitable for videos, but for text and surfing it is just fine.  The trial version can only be used for 5 minutes at a time; buying that app for personal use is only like $5.  However with the downfalls I mention, I don't think it is worth it to me.  Perhaps the next revision.

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