VMware Physical to Virtual conversion notes....

-Speed up the transfer process by roughly 25% by disabling SSL.
Edit the Converter-worker.xml file, usually found here:
C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone
Look for the section "<NFC>", and change the "<UseSSL> to false, save, restart . VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Worker service.


-Sometimes doing conversions from a single machine will fail, but will work if one installs the Stand Alone Converter software directly on the machine to be converted.

-Virtual Disk Service/Volume Shadow Copy/Microsoft software shadow copy provider are all services that should be set to automatic.

-The newest converter to work Windows Server 2000 that I found was version 4.1.

-Many failures are due to corrupt files, usually a check-disk will take care of it.

-Items like a bad drive, dead RAID cache battery, or 100Mbps network connections will dramatically slow the conversion down.

-Obtain/create batch files to do routine tasks.

-Do yourself a favor and do a hard drive clean up before the conversion.  Shutdown as much as possible before the conversion.  Anti-Virus, and databases, or anything that takes up I/O or has open files is best stop.

-Using the Synchronization features works great machines where up-time is an issue.  Do a first pass with the "Synchronize changes" box marked.  I have yet to see any impact to the server by doing this, short of it being a tiny bit slower.  Once it is done, DO NOT manipulate the VM!  When ready to make the last pass, mark the "Perform final synchronization" box.

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