hard drive benchmarks.....v1.2

More not super scientific benchmarking...

Dell PE2900, Perc 6i, 15k 146gb SAS * 8 drives RAID5

Dell PE2900, Perc 6i, 15k 146gb SAS * 4 drives RAID5
Interesting how little difference between 4 drives and 8 drives is.

Dell PE2900 on board SATA port to Hitachi 7200rpm 1tb drive.

Dell PE2900 on board SATA port to Intel 160gb SSD drive.
Interesting that write speed is about the same as the spinning drive, and writes are just over twice, but still can't compete w/ the 15k SAS drives RAID.  Is this a result of a poor SATA controller?

Openfiler, Optiplex 755, 750gb SATA 7.2k  iSCSI

Openfiler, Optiplex 755 1tb *2 SATA 7.2k RAID1 iSCSI

HP DL380, P410 w/ 512mb, 146gb 10k SAS *7 RAID5
I have no idea why the HP is falling on its face when it comes to read at 1mb.

Lenovo i5w/ 256gb mSATA

Dell Precision T5400 Sandisk 24gb mSATA on a mSATA to SATA adapter

Dell Precision T5400, Seagate 1tb Hybrid drive

Dell Laditude e6500, on Seagate Hybrid 750gb.  This machine has always seemed a little bit of a slug, so who knows on this one.

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