Backup Exec 2012 & VMware ESXi

Using Backup Exec 2012 (BES) to backup Virtual Machines (BES) to talk directly to the VMware environment (aka agentless).  It works fairly well.  One can restore individual files without installing the agent on the VM, the backup jobs continually give warnings about not being able to do granular restores without the agent.  Just to be clear, if one wants to restore the VMDK, click on the vCenter/ESXi host and hit restore, if one wants to restore files from the VM, click the server, then click restore.  Along that lines, while restoring the at the VM level, it looks like that is all one can restore; lets say one needs the VMX.  One would have to do a complete VM restore.
Notice only the VMDK is there for restoring.
It also appears that one must back up the whole VM or nothing.  In this case I only want to backup the one VMDK but not the second.
There is checkboxes next to each VMDK but once cannot uncheck them.
One can right click on a VMDK and choose the "include/exclude" option which brings up a new window, where it looks like a filter is created to exclude that VMDK, however one cannot click the "OK" button.

Another side note, BES has no idea what to do w/ the vCenter Management Appliance. 

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