HP DL320 G5

This is an odd "entry level" server that HP released to the market.  This one has a Xeon Quad core 2.1ghz @ 1066 bus.  It maxes out at 8gb or ram (FAIL!!!).  It has an onboard SATA RAID controller, a B110i, a pair of 1gbps NICs, and two hot swap bays.  We decided we would use this machine as a loaner VMware server. 

Except we ran into some issues,  first of all we like to load VMware onto SD or USB drives which gives freedom for changing the local storage.  This machine has a vertical USB slot, so the thumb drive sits vertically, not a problem in a 2U, 3U or tower, but this is a 1U!  Apparently HP makes a 90 degree adapter, one could also most likely use a 1' USB extension cord.  I did some digging at Microcenter and found a short 8gb thumb drive that after some carving would clear the cover. 

Next issue was that VMware ESXi 5.1 (even the HP version) doesn't recognize the on board NICs; so we had to source a PCI-E Intel dual port Intel NIC.  Then the next issue was that onboard RAID; VMware didn't recognize the drives as an array, it saw both SATA drives as individual drives.  I had a Smart Array P200 from a previous upgrade.  However this requires a SAS->SATA cable, plus again being only 1U, there is only so much real-estate space to deal with.  
.......pictures and revising coming.....
The left arrow is pointing towards the P200 RAID card, notice the lack of space left.
The right arrow is pointing towards the USB thumb drive.

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