Asus RT-N66U wireless router.
On the surface it seems like a great appliance, with all sorts of crazy features such as streaming media, sharing files, and being a torrent client.  It also serves as a limited firewall. 

Two of the biggest issues I had with this device was putting in a business enviroment behind another (real)firewall.  The first issue was solved by the box not be a router (doing double NAT) vs. being just a WAP.  The 2nd issues was figuring out how setup it up in non-routing mode, the menu wasn't there; I had to re-run the setup wizard.  3rd was trying to use the "guest wireless" mode in addition to a secure wireless network.  The idea being to have to SSID's, one trusted for access to the LAN, and the other one just internet access, no LAN access.  When it was in routed mode, when connecting to the Asus it would disconnect you and attempt to reconnect you to the other SSID.  In WAP mode, a wireless client would not get an IP address, because the Guest feature works by preventing access to the LAN; well if ones DHCP server is on the LAN, and the ASUS doesn't act as a DHCP server when in WAP mode, there is no way for the client to get an address.

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