1st Generation SATA RAID Controllers....

First....DON'T!!!!  Stay away!  Spend a few bucks and get a real RAID controller!
Second.....BACK THE F:\ UP!  (I stole that line from Mozy)

What we are looking at is an HP ML115 G1; it has four SATA 250gb hard drives, using the onboard Nvidia/AMD RAID card.  During boot up, the computer still said that all four drives passed the SMART tests.  I believe that all four drives were in once apon a time in a RAID 5 Configuration, hence the total space reported at 700gb.  For some reason the controller is reporting that there are three logical drives, all w/ 700gb.  No one is sure how the machine got like this, but reguardless all heck broke loose.  A technician diagnosed it as bad RAID controller, and swapped the motherboard.  He got the same results. Apparently the RAID information is stored on the hard drives; because I moved all four drives to a VERY similar ML115 G5, and got the same results.  I switched the RAID controller to be a normal SATA controller in the BIOS and then booted into Mini Windows XP (thank you AGAIN Hirens).  Disk manager could see the drives, but the last three were blank, and the first drive had a partition but also appeared blank.

All data was lost!  Fortunatly there was a backup....I'll blog about that one later.
  I'd be curious if anyone has expirenced similar or can think of something else I should have tried.

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