Backup Exec 3600

This is an interesting approach to backing up.  It is an all-in-one self contained APPLIANCE.   
-1U server (looks a lot like a Super Micro)
-customized W2k8 R2 Storage server
-16gb of ram
-2.4ghz quad core
-40gb SSD for O/S
-2tb sata drives *4, RAID 5 (5.5tb raw, 50tb deduped)
-Full install of Backup Exec 2010 R3 with license for ALL agents.
The MSRP of $25k is steep but when you consider what it would cost w/ other dedupe options to get to 50tb of disk storag, the BE 3600 looks pretty cheap.  It includes all agents, it doesn't matter if one is backing up one Exchange server or twenty of them, no additional costs! 
Administration is done via a web portal, but uses the same BE 2010 interface.  For all practicle purposes it looks just like a BE2010 media server.  All updates (including the Window OS) come from Symantec Live Update. 
It has some sort comings, such as no tape drive, iSCSI, or fiber channel support.  Replications need to happen to another BE server or USB (yuck!).  Rumor is those options are being looked into. 

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